Tycoon Gold Addon

Tycoon Addon Is The First and Only Gold Addon That Makes You Massive Gold With Minimum Effort and Time

2.4.15 Tycoon Addon 2.0 now fully recoded

The days of gold guides promising top secret strategies that will make you rich in minutes are long gone. There are only a handful of gold strategies in the game that will always give you the most gold and everybody knows about them.

The most common are Gathering, Grinding, Playing the Auction House, Dailies, and Crafting.

Tycoon takes these top gold strategies and shows you how to tweak and optimize them to increase gold income by at least 223%.

The heart of Tycoon lies in its ability to know your server’s economy. It will scan the Auction House, study the economy, and actually tell you the best gold strategies to use at that moment.

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How To Make Gold with Tycoon Addon

How To Make 30-60k gold in 30 mins a day from the auction house using Tycoon Addon

Try Tycoon Addon Risk Free Before The Price Goes Up

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Dynasty Addons

Quick Heads Up Everyone!

23.10.14 Just spoke to the guys from Dynasty Addons about what they have coming up for Warlords of Draenor,

“We’re coming out with new versions of all of our addons with new features, new interface, pretty much new code from top to bottom!”

Short and sweet but exciting stuff!

30.11.14 All addons have been updated for Warlords of Draenor

2.2.15 Just spoke to the guys from Dynasty Addons again,

“Tycoon is in the process of getting a complete upgrade. We’re adding tons of new features all designed to make you gold on demand, quickly and easily. But when that upgrade comes out, we’ll be raising the price of Tycoon along with it. The addon will be too good to keep it at just $47.

If you buy today, you don’t have to worry about paying an extra $10, $20, or more down the road. Just pay $47 today and you’ll be given the upgrade FREE of charge the day it’s finished.”

Again, exciting stuff!

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